Monday, 31 March 2008

Does your Mojo need a quick fix ?

Whether y0ur mojo needs a quick fix or
you're just sick of looking at the same old stamps ? Running out of fancy paper and need a card like NOW ! Well here is the perfect solution !
Pinkpetticoat !
The instant download image stamp !
They are all the rage in cards ... and you just chose one , pay by paypal , click on the link you recieve in an email and download your chosen images to your pc, print - then colour them in using pencils , chalks or prismas or just keep it plain. They are also available on cd format too !

They have a great range of images, monograms and background patterns ( loads of colours ) with an image for most occassions you'll never be stuck again !

I personally have always been abit scared of using downloads - but im so pleased i had a go. On their website is a link to the blog that has all the links on how to do it and some great ideas and inspiration. Also on the blog is a help guide that makes unzipping the file real easy.

I think they are fabulous - especially if you dont have all the equipment for stamping what a great and easy way to have an image . prices start at £1.99 You get 6 images ( each slightly different ).The cd format contain a collection.
Heres the link

Enjoy ! ...... post by Maddy Hill

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