Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Members makes for the April altered challenge !

Congratulations to Anita who won the altered challenge and recieved
fabby k and co chipboard!

Sticky Fixer Calvin April challenge Entry
Altered PG Tips Tin

Sticky fixer Mrs T's April Challenge Entry !

~Altered Biscuit Box


CONGRATULATIONS JOAN ! winner of the pink petticoat download.
Blog giveaway !

We have two downloads from Pink Petticoat for you to win ! ( they have just added some new designs )

These are fabulous downloadable images ( see posts below) The competition is open to Sticky fixer members and non members !

If your reading this blog - you can enter !

The winning entry from a Sticky Fixer member will be the £2.99 download and and non member catogory will we win the £1.99 download . All entries will be put in a hat and a name will be drawn out on saturday 26th April .

Any Sticky fixer Member who wishes to enter the competition and has difficulty accessing the pc / taking pictures please see Maddy at craft club.

What you have to do !

Make a card or L/O to include some sort of punch or die cut - however it must be altered ! It can be doodled on, stamped on , cut, embossed anything so long as its not a plain punch out /die cut .
See post below on flower punches on ideas to alter punch outs by cutting .

Please email your picture to .

post by Maddy Hill.


Sticky Fixer Joan Knight Altered Punches card !

Sticky fixer Rachel Legge Circle punches cut and altered !

Sticky Fixer Susan Powell , chipboard Die cuts stamped and embossed - Invitation card !

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Fabulous Flowers _ tutorial -

Using two flower punches in 2 sizes alittle cutting you can make fabulous flowers !

Flowers using punches

STEP 1. First punch out 3 flowers two large and one small .

STEP 2. Using decorative edge scissors cut down the middle of each stem on the two large flowers - but dont go into the middle of the flower. On the 3rd but small flower use straight edge scissors.

Step 3 . Outline each stem using a fine liner
or the fine end of a whisper pen .

Step 4 . Bend upwards each alternate petal.

Step 5. Position flowers ontop of each other .
Once your happy with the positioning , glue or sticky fixer in place .

Step 6. Add the middle by either circle punch or a large brad to make it extra special !

Try experimenting with colours and patterns and prehaps some
double- sided paper for that wow factor!

by Maddy Hill

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Crafty day out !

A woman possessed !

Rachel in the Apothecary boutique

All the stash we bought !

On tues Kim, Rachel and myself when for a crafty day trip to Skipton in the Yorshire Dales .We had a fantastic day out . Poor Val was due to come , but broke her foot - sorry Val but we made up for your spending !

First we stopped at Embassy Crafts in Embassy , just outside of Skipton. The shop was well stocked with beads ,crosstitching and paper crafts --- uh um --- which i did have a bit of an indulgence in ( hehee ) Anyway........ the shop had its own little cafe and we stopped for a coffee and snack. Rachel found the ALL the bargains .. a fabby tin to alter for under £3.00 and some bargain brads !

We then went to the Stampman in Skipton , but when we got there it was shut !!!!!!!!! Kim wanted to break in !!!!!!! I was peeking through the window and teasing her at what gorgeous stamps i could see !!!!!! I'm a rotter ! just look at that mad womans face !!!! she looks like female rambo !
Obviously a woman that is obsessed !! or prehaps possessed!!!!!!

From there we then went to this gorgeous boutique called Apothecary II that sold vintage nic nacks and the most gorgeous hand made soaps and bath bombs all stacked up in cake stands they looked good enough to eat ! We all had a bucket with a cute ribbon tied to it to put all the gorgeous bombs in - the smell in the shop was just devine !

From there .... we went to a craft shop called Holly Red were we bought some papers for our team challenge ( comming up watch this space !) We had a truly lovely day ! sorry you couldnt come Val , you was missed - hope the papers we got you made up for it .

gorgeous bath bombs in all shapes and sizes , even ones that looked like slices of cakes and cup cakes ---- ive got to remember that i cant eat them or i'l be frothing at the mouth ! heheeeee!

Monday, 31 March 2008

Does your Mojo need a quick fix ?

Whether y0ur mojo needs a quick fix or
you're just sick of looking at the same old stamps ? Running out of fancy paper and need a card like NOW ! Well here is the perfect solution !
Pinkpetticoat !
The instant download image stamp !
They are all the rage in cards ... and you just chose one , pay by paypal , click on the link you recieve in an email and download your chosen images to your pc, print - then colour them in using pencils , chalks or prismas or just keep it plain. They are also available on cd format too !

They have a great range of images, monograms and background patterns ( loads of colours ) with an image for most occassions you'll never be stuck again !

I personally have always been abit scared of using downloads - but im so pleased i had a go. On their website is a link to the blog that has all the links on how to do it and some great ideas and inspiration. Also on the blog is a help guide that makes unzipping the file real easy.

I think they are fabulous - especially if you dont have all the equipment for stamping what a great and easy way to have an image . prices start at £1.99 You get 6 images ( each slightly different ).The cd format contain a collection.
Heres the link

Enjoy ! ...... post by Maddy Hill

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Well well well Miss Joan look what you've done !

Well i can only say i was so shocked and so very pleasantly surprised when i recieved a knock at the door and there was one of the members Joan stood at my door holding something it her hand and beaming like a cheshire cat
Now Joan used to be the craft clubs tea lady but decided she wanted to have a go at making cards !
We lost our tea lady and gained a member ! and wow she really has surprised everyone - Joan had never made a card before . A few weeks on she has now bravely had a go at the monthly scrappy challenge "Altered"!
The pic is of Joans first altered item . No wonder she was beaming like a cheshire cat ! I just love the little crochet lid cover and skirt - how brill is that !

Well done Joan your altered coffee mate tin is fab!
- post by Maddy Hill

Altered Sugar Pot ! - Tons 4 Buns ! - designed by Maddy Hill (class teacher )

This sugar pot i found in a cheapy shop in Leeds . I love anything with a gimmick to it so i designed alittle pot for Fairy cup cakes that included the yummys you need to make your fairy cup cakes that extra special and called it Tons 4 Buns !

Theres alittle mini book with a stamp fairy that has the recipe for fairy cakes in ! The lid is stamped with fairies and daisies and i used stazon ink for this.
The little pots are from Asda.

Layout by Vicky ( class teacher )

Love this layout Vicky , the colours are just gorgeous ! and what a princess Coral is too !

what we did last summer - younger members -post by Maddy Hill

It was such a glorious day i just had to invite Vickys daughter Coral over to come and help paint pots with my boyfriends girls and what a fabulous job they did of them too - its march now and the pots are still in my garden and still looking freshly painted !

Waterfall Class makes ! post by Maddy Hill

Jean and Anita !

This was a class i took a few months ago and proved a popular make.
The card in the picture was made by a member of the craft club.
The waterfall cards were made by using double sided card and made such a difference to the finished result. I have to say that each members card turned out stunning ! well done Ladies