Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Fabulous Flowers _ tutorial -

Using two flower punches in 2 sizes alittle cutting you can make fabulous flowers !

Flowers using punches

STEP 1. First punch out 3 flowers two large and one small .

STEP 2. Using decorative edge scissors cut down the middle of each stem on the two large flowers - but dont go into the middle of the flower. On the 3rd but small flower use straight edge scissors.

Step 3 . Outline each stem using a fine liner
or the fine end of a whisper pen .

Step 4 . Bend upwards each alternate petal.

Step 5. Position flowers ontop of each other .
Once your happy with the positioning , glue or sticky fixer in place .

Step 6. Add the middle by either circle punch or a large brad to make it extra special !

Try experimenting with colours and patterns and prehaps some
double- sided paper for that wow factor!

by Maddy Hill


Anonymous said...

Maddy i have looked at the instructions for the flowers,i found it easy to follow

luv valxxxxxxx

maddy hill said...

never mind LOOKING lol get making !

Theres a download for pink petticoat up for grabs !

SueF said...

Thanks for the tutorial Maddy, your work is stunning as ever. Charlotte will love doing this, will have a play soon!!