Saturday, 29 March 2008

Altered Sugar Pot ! - Tons 4 Buns ! - designed by Maddy Hill (class teacher )

This sugar pot i found in a cheapy shop in Leeds . I love anything with a gimmick to it so i designed alittle pot for Fairy cup cakes that included the yummys you need to make your fairy cup cakes that extra special and called it Tons 4 Buns !

Theres alittle mini book with a stamp fairy that has the recipe for fairy cakes in ! The lid is stamped with fairies and daisies and i used stazon ink for this.
The little pots are from Asda.


jackie said...

fairies maddy what a surprise. looks good do we get a taster on thursday LOL
dont forget to put your fairy houses on blog

The Sticky fixers ! said...

i alter things ... i didnt say i could cook !!!!!!!! I only copied the recipe ...i cant follow one too hehee!