Thursday, 3 April 2008

Crafty day out !

A woman possessed !

Rachel in the Apothecary boutique

All the stash we bought !

On tues Kim, Rachel and myself when for a crafty day trip to Skipton in the Yorshire Dales .We had a fantastic day out . Poor Val was due to come , but broke her foot - sorry Val but we made up for your spending !

First we stopped at Embassy Crafts in Embassy , just outside of Skipton. The shop was well stocked with beads ,crosstitching and paper crafts --- uh um --- which i did have a bit of an indulgence in ( hehee ) Anyway........ the shop had its own little cafe and we stopped for a coffee and snack. Rachel found the ALL the bargains .. a fabby tin to alter for under £3.00 and some bargain brads !

We then went to the Stampman in Skipton , but when we got there it was shut !!!!!!!!! Kim wanted to break in !!!!!!! I was peeking through the window and teasing her at what gorgeous stamps i could see !!!!!! I'm a rotter ! just look at that mad womans face !!!! she looks like female rambo !
Obviously a woman that is obsessed !! or prehaps possessed!!!!!!

From there we then went to this gorgeous boutique called Apothecary II that sold vintage nic nacks and the most gorgeous hand made soaps and bath bombs all stacked up in cake stands they looked good enough to eat ! We all had a bucket with a cute ribbon tied to it to put all the gorgeous bombs in - the smell in the shop was just devine !

From there .... we went to a craft shop called Holly Red were we bought some papers for our team challenge ( comming up watch this space !) We had a truly lovely day ! sorry you couldnt come Val , you was missed - hope the papers we got you made up for it .

gorgeous bath bombs in all shapes and sizes , even ones that looked like slices of cakes and cup cakes ---- ive got to remember that i cant eat them or i'l be frothing at the mouth ! heheeeee!


Anonymous said...

Yes I was out with the women possessed!! We had a lovely day. Apothecary II was just as fab as it looks in the photos & the lady at Holly Red was lovely & really helpful. Recommended as a good day out but it would be even better if the Stamp Man was open too :-) Rachelxx

jackie said...

well it looks like you had a good day, you didnt tell me about kims face when found stampman closed!! the boutique looks brill will have to go

Anonymous said...

the stampman has now moved premises-i dont know if you know or not,but they are now just outside skipton in a unit and is slightly bigger than the shop,but all really helpful,i went last week and spent a bomb.the directions are on their website